What is Yomer

We provide merchant services with instant cryptocurrency exchange

Whitepaper is still at work! The current version of the entire document is a draft and is updated daily with the development of the MVP model.

We create a crypto gateway with instant exchange for Fiat and legal withdrawal to a bank account

We are Yoldi. It is a company with experience in developing financial services. After several years of work on custom cryptocurrency projects, we are ready to launch our own startup, using our accumulated experience and competence.

We want to share with you the news about the coming launch of the Yomer(Yoldi Merchant) cryptocurrency payment gateway, which can easily be used in any web service or online store, and also may be used in offline business.

Shops do not understand how to safely work with cryptocurrency

Existing gateway services do not solve business problems, such as that it is not profitable to receive and store cryptocurrency. This is due to the threat of losses from a possible depreciation by the time the revenue is converted into Fiat. Many stores do not want or aren’t able to solve the issues of exchange and withdrawal of funds, since the volume of crypto payments is extremely small compared to traditional payment methods. Often a business is not ready to work with cryptocurrencies because of their uncertain legal status and risk to have difficulties with tax reporting.

We solved this problem by making the sellers not feel the difference between working with fiat gateways and Yomer. Neither technically nor legally.

Automatic exchange for Fiat and legal withdrawal to the account

One of the main features of our solution is that the transaction price is indicated in the local currency of the seller, and the buyer pays in cryptocurrency. This allows the store to be completely legal in any country. In this case, the overpayment after recalculation of the exchange rates is credited to the account of the buyer. That’s why the seller is safe against the consequences of volatility, and the buyer to pay in a cryptocurrency is always at a favorable rate.

  • When creating an invoice for payment, the seller can enable automatic exchange for the required fiat currency. Exchange will occur immediately immediately after full payment of the invoice by the buyer. The exchange will be carried out at the best market rate: Bitfinex, Binance. After that, the funds will be credited to the account of the seller’s organization or to the balance in the office in our system.

  • For each currency, you can enable automatic withdrawal once a day or upon reaching a certain amount on the balance sheet.

Yomer services

  • Wallet is a web wallet for storing and transferring funds.

  • Commerce is a service for accepting cryptocurrency.

  • Exchange — the exchange connected to the liquidity aggregator.

  • Automatic arbitration — for direct automatic exchange on other exchanges at market rates.

In the MVP version, we will provide Wallet and Commerce so that you can get acquainted with the service and check out its performance. Later, according to our Roadmap, other services will be connected.

Yomer features

  • API. Full integration into your service without using the Yomer web interface.

  • Its own crypto currency exchange with a load of up to 5 million orders per second and a connected liquidity aggregator.

  • The possibility of automatic exchange of funds received through top crypto exchanges at the best market rate and withdrawal to the account.

  • Single account to work with all services.

  • The feature of paying bills in several payments in different cryptocurrencies.

  • Automatic conversion of revenue into the local currency of the seller.

  • Automatic actualization of the order price in cryptocurrencies to insure the seller against volatility.

  • Fixing the rate for the buyer at the time of payment, with the guarantee of saving the price set by the seller.

  • The possibility of refund in case of incomplete payment by the buyer.

  • Automatic refund of overpayment due to exchange rate jump up.

  • Ability to specify the payer of the commission (the seller or the buyer).

  • The ability to bill other users without having their own store.

  • The ability to create invoices without specifying the amount (invoice for the receipt of donation)

  • Return of part of the commissions cashback tokens of the system.

  • Generation of unique links for each merchant account (virtual check).

  • Flexible configuration of rules for automatic withdrawal of funds by time or amount.

We are looking for those to whom Yomer will be useful

We do not ask you for money. We have the means and technical force to make and launch the MVP version of the product.

We hope that you pay attention to our product, which is made for you — for the crypto community, which needs a bridge between the fiat and cryptocurrency world.

We ask you to help convey information about the project to those who want to use cryptocurrency as a way of payment on their services and stores, but cannot for technical, legal or other reasons:

  • Online stores of goods and services

  • Fundraising projects

  • Online services

  • Casino

  • Online Games

  • Internet entrepreneurs

We are looking for potential customers who, having connected to our gateway, will open the doors of their fiat business to your cryptocurrency payments.

We are ready to pay for each given client with a part of our earnings from the commissions we receive as a result of working with him.

We want to receive your criticism, questions and suggestions to make a high-quality and demanded product.

Our main mission is to make the best payment gateway to use a cryptocurrency everywhere. So that fiat sellers can easily accept cryptocurrency on their Internet resources.

We are crypto enthusiasts and believe in the crypto economy of the future. The main goal of this post is to find like-minded people to strengthen our team.

We invite on mutually beneficial conditions all those who are interested, who are willing and able to help our cause:

  • Online Store Developers

  • Translators

  • Owners of web resources crypto topics

  • Moderators of the crypto community

  • Marketers and salespeople

  • Technical Support Agents

  • People with experience of ambassadors in crypto projects

  • International lawyers

About the team

We have been in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain for three years. During this time, we developed from scratch for the Midex exchange: design, services, trading core, robots, cryptocurrency and fiat gateways. Our team went from first steps in the industry, to release a product with a capacity of 5 million operations per second.

Now we are creating Yomer simultaneously with developing the Yoldi Exchange, a boxed solution for a quick launch of the exchange.

If you want to become part of our team, then fill out this application form and we will contact you.

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CM Respect, and hope for cooperation, the Yomer team.